Larry was born in Russellville, Arkansas, in 1941. He has one brother, Charles Eugene Tadlock, born in 1939.

Lynnette (Lynn) Lassiter was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1943. Lynn has one sister, Andrea Lou Lassiter Hogancamp, born in 1945.

Larry spent his first 18 years in Warren, Arkansas. Most of his youth was spent at the local pool hall listening to what the “big” boys said. Larry began his work experience at the local Pastime Theater as “the popcorn boy” and worked his way up to operating the movie projectors. 
Following high school graduation in 1959, Larry joined the U. S. Air Force to see the world. The Air Force offered Larry an opportunity to see Europe and he visited several countries including Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Following his four years of military service he returned to Warren and worked his way through Arkansas A & M College (now U of A at Monticello) and graduated with majors in economics and general business.

In 1967 Larry started his 30 plus years with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as a bank examiner trainee. In 1998 Larry completed his FDIC career as a field office supervisor responsible for the State of Arkansas. Over the years Larry’s assignments were to offices in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee; Hattiesburg and Jackson, Mississippi; and Little Rock, Arkansas.

While assigned to the Memphis office Larry met and married Lynnette Lassiter. Lynn presented Larry with his greatest accomplishment and joy, Kimberly Lynn Tadlock Holman. Larry’s work allowed the Tadlocks to travel to some unique places. Trips to the nation’s capitol were truly an educational opportunity. Lynn and Kim had opportunities to eat in the Senate dinning room, visit the White House, and spend days in the many museums and historical sites.

While in the Nashville office, Larry helped develop the FDICs first computer examination programs and was responsible for such examinations in the middle and east Tennessee area. In 1979 the Tadlocks moved to Mississippi where Larry became the supervisor of one of the Mississippi offices. This was the Tadlock’s first introduction to hurricanes and the damage they can cause. Our first hurricane saw hundred of trees taken down in Hattiesburg and we learned what several hundred chain saws operating simultaneously throughout the city sounds like.

In 1986 the Tadlocks arrived in Arkansas. Larry assumed supervision of the Arkansas office; he and his 34 examiners were responsible for over 120 Arkansas banks. In addition to the supervision responsibilities, Larry served as an instructor at the FDIC’s Washington D.C. Training Center for about 15 years. Larry received advanced bank training at the FDIC’s Training Center in addition to training offered at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia. He is a graduate of The Stonier Graduate School of Banking at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Many days and weeks were spent working in states ranging from New York to Oregon, to Florida. Larry participated in one of the largest (at that time in history) U. S. bank failures: Franklin National Bank in New York. Larry’s greatest work challenge was during the savings and loan crisis when he was ordered to take control of Savers Savings and Loan in Little Rock. As Managing Agent for Savers, Larry was responsible for the affairs of Savers while also overseeing his examining staff that was involved in several other seized S&Ls located in Arkansas and Texas. One such S&L was heavily involved in the Whitewater scandal that nearly brought down a sitting U. S. president.

Following retirement in 1998 Larry became active in the North Little Rock Lions Club and has served the club in various capacities including vice president, president, and director of the Lions Club Funland Amusement Park. Larry is active in First United Methodist Church and has served on various church committees: missions, long range planning, endowment and as chairman of the building committee and finance committee. 

Lynn’s father was in construction, and during WWII the Lassiter family traveled from construction projects in Washington D. C. to Texas and California. This might be where Lynn learned to enjoy travel. Following the war the family settled in their hometown of Murray, Kentucky.
Lynn was an active Girl Scout from an early age until starting college. While a Girl Scout many local camping trips were made and she attended the National Scouting Roundup in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2005 Lynn returned to Colorado Springs and found that a Wal-Mart sits on the spot where she camped out during the 1959 Roundup.

Following high school graduation Lynn attended Murray State University and Methodist Hospital School of Medical Technology in Memphis, Tennessee. Following graduation Lynn work at Methodist Hospital in Memphis as a medical technologist. Just as she was starting out on a successful career, she met and married Larry. She asked only one thing from Larry: never ask her to move to either Mississippi or Arkansas. Yes, she has lived in both states.

Since Larry’s work required him to travel extensively, Lynn was mostly a stay-at-home mom raising Kim and volunteered at various Methodist churches and soccer associations. While in Mississippi she worked in a frame shop and learned the picture framing business.
In Arkansas Lynn became involved in the North Little Rock First United Methodist Church, serving in various capacities. She has developed a love for the altar arts, wedding guild, and the craft group.

In 2001 Kim (with a little help from Bill) brought into the world Sara Grace Holman and Emily Ann Holman. These two grandchildren have provided the Tadlocks with much joy. We look forward to watching “the little women” grow and embrace the world.

Larry and Lynn are active in the Builders Sunday School Class and love to travel with many of their classmates. As a group they have visited locations in China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Western Europe, England, the Scandinavian countries, Asia (Istanbul), and various Canadian and U. S. locations.