David lives in Maumelle and was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in, 1937. At the time his family lived on East 2nd Street in downtown North Little Rock. When I-30 came through it went right over where their house used to be. His father, Byron Ross Bogard,  and mother, Annabelle Bogard, had one other child, his sister, Elizabeth Ann, who is two years older than him. His father was a lawyer, having obtained his law license in 1923. He practiced law up until a year before his death in 1989. His mother was one of those wonderful "Southern Housewives" who ran the house, raised the kids, and gave sound advice to his father. 

His father's ancestors were centered around central Mississippi before the Civil War and his grandfather Bogard, who was a country doctor, brought his family into Arkansas in the early 1900's settling in and around what is now the Greer's Lake region. On his mother's side, her mother was a Lewis whose family originated out of Virginia, claiming the great explorer Meriweather Lewis in the family chain. His mother's grandfather, Benjamin Lewis, who lived in and fought for Tennessee in the Civil War, moved to Arkansas in 1870. His mother's father, Vivian Weir, was a much-respected doctor in McRae, Arkansas. 

In 1941 David’s parents began building a house on West "G" Street on Park Hill. At that time "H" Street, one block north of "G", was about the extent of the reach of North Little Rock, with very few houses or paved roads beyond that. The family moved into the house in January, 1942, right after the outbreak of WWII. David attended grade school at Park Hill Elementary, junior high school at Fourth Street Jr. High, and high school at what is now Old Main. 

Graduating from high school in 1955, David went to SMU in Dallas from which he graduated in 1960. The draft was in vogue back then, but no war, so after checking with them and receiving their approval, David went to Europe across which David hitchhiked, for the most part, for almost six months. While in Berlin (no wall at that time--it went up the next summer), David was arrested by the Russians for smuggling goods out of East Berlin into West Berlin (just a minor crime David thought) and after scaring the wits out of him and his two conspirators, they were let go to return to West Berlin where they were staying in a youth hostel. David seemed to be having escapades similar to that all during his Europe adventure! 

Returning from Europe David enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve in which he served until 1968. In 1964 he enrolled in the University of Arkansas Law School from which he received his law degree in 1968. Also in 1968 he married the then Gail Shoudy of Monroe, Louisiana, whom David had met at the U of A in Fayetteville. Four years later they had a son, Stuart Byron Bogard. Stuart also attended SMU, graduating in 1994 with a degree in Economics and Finance and now manages a $300 million hedge fund at Forrest Hill Capital in Little Rock. 

In 1989, Gail and David were divorced, but it was truly a "friendly" divorce and today they remain very good friends. 

David began practicing law in 1968 in the Little Rock area and on January 1, 1981, then Governor Bill Clinton appointed him to the 6th Division Chancery Court. Two years later David ran for the 6th Division Circuit Court and was elected by 75% of the vote. He was subsequently re-elected 5 times, retiring from that office in 2003. David was voted, by the lawyers of the Pulaski County Bar, "Outstanding Circuit Judge" three out of his last four years on the bench. While a judge, David wrote and delivered many legal seminars and courses, and won a national award for his seminar "The Trial of Fatty Arbuckle." 

In 1990 David met his wife, Nicole, and they were married a year later. She is a Colonel in the Army Reserves and has been on active duty now for five years. She is currently stationed in Washington, D.C. where she works at the Surgeon General's Office and administers a national program tracking the severely wounded returning from Iraq and oversees their continued treatment once they reach the various V.A. hospitals around the country. She is scheduled to be released from active duty in December and will then return to her regular job as a social worker with the V.A. at Ft Roots, unless her current term is extended. David travels to D.C. frequently to visit her. 

David spends his retired days doing partial "judging" at various cities around the state, filling in when called upon to do so by the Supreme Court. David also enjoy sbuilding computers, has a model railroad he works on sporadically, plays blues "harp" with a local blues band, and has gotten into the documentary film making game. David entered a team this year in the 48 Hour Film Project and his film received 4 award nominations, winning in the category of "Best Special Effects." David is currently finishing a film about the best white blues band to ever come out of the State of Arkansas entitled "We Walked the Street Like Giants," and has several other film projects lined up once that one is finished. His wife and David enjoy traveling, listening to music, dancing, attending the Arkansas Symphony, wine tastings, friends, and good movies.

 Nicole has five sisters and brothers, the most notable being a brother who is the head of the "Imagineering Department" for Disney in California. He designs the rides for the various Disney Worlds. What a job! 

David’s sister lives in North Little Rock and has a married daughter with one granddaughter, living in Dallas. His son Stuart has a 7-month-old son, Stuart Byron Bogard, II. 

“God has blessed me many times over in my life, and I thank him daily for doing so.